Hemostasis, Thrombosis, and Anemia: The Section of Vascular Biology and Benign Hematology led by Dr. Alvin Schmaier provides 3 mornings/week institutional service to UH Cleveland Medical Center by providing access to a benign hematologist focused on hemostasis and thrombosis for consultation, diagnosis, and management in this content area.  At the Veterans Administration, Dr. Stavrou provides 3 mornings/week service to that institution. Dr. Schmaier also is the Director of the Adult Hemophilia Clinic.  He has a census of 115 hemophiliac patients.  The Hemophilia clinic has an annual visit to the Das Deutch Clinic in Middlefield, OH to provide on-site hemophilia management to the Old Order Amish Community.


Sickle Cell Anemia Program (SCAP): The SCAP led by Dr. Jane Little has a multidisciplinary clinic which meets several times a week with physician participants from Pulmonary (Schilz, Struhl), Renal (Hostetter), Pain (Weinstein), and Psychiatry (Shah).  Further it is staffed with two CNPs and 1 social worker.  This group also provides a day clinic 5 days a week that allows SCD patients to obtain analgesia for crisis without going through the ER system.  Best practices are being applied concerning hydroxyurea therapy, and a program in place to facilitate pediatric to adult transition and management.