Internal Medicine Interest Group

Internal Medicine Interest Group offers events for 1st and 2nd year medical students to guide them in their career decision-making through formal and informal interaction with residents, fellows, faculty members and program directors.

Eight events are held each year:

  1. Juggling a Career in Internal Medicine with Family - internal medicine specialists speak as a panel about different facets of medical training, career paths in internal medicine and how their careers interface with home life.
  2. Talking with Internal Medicine Program Directors - Keith Armitage, MD, Internal Medicine Residency Director, reviews the basics of residency application and career paths of an internist. In a separate event, Steven Strausbaugh, MD, Med-Peds Residency Director as well as Chief Resident and Med-Peds residents discuss their specialty and how a career decision in med-peds plays out.
  3. Conference Corresponding to Curriculum - consists of a lunch panel where internal medicine fellows from different medical specialties discuss career choices and daily work.
  4. Rendevous with Medicine Residents - informal gathering of students and medicine residents at a local pub to discuss career choices.
  5. Morbidity & Mortality Conference - facilitated involvement of preclinical students in the weekly Department of Medicine conference with student briefings by a Chief Resident.
  6. Chairman Dinner - medical students and faculty members discuss internal medicine as a career in an informal setting at the Case Squire Valeevue Farm.
  7. Shadowing - students get a uniqu opportunity to shadow inpatient medicine teams on a Saturday during morning ward work rounds in February.
  8. Match Panel - 4th year CWRU medical students who matched in Internal Medicine share their experiences in interviewing and choosing residency positions.

If you are interested in joining one of the events please contact Internal Medicine Interest Group student leaders.

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