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Research Abstract Database contains brief descriptions of research projects presented at Research Day since 2010. (For general information about divisional research interests click here.)
You may use this database as a reference guide for submitting an abstract for Research Day or finding a mentor or collaborator in your field of interest.

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Cardiovascular Medicine (95/- )

Clinical and Molecular Endocrinology (8/- )

Gastroenterology and Liver Disease (39/- )

General Internal Medicine and Geriatrics (117/- )

Hematology and Oncology (54/- )

Infectious Diseases and HIV Medicine (69/- )

Nephrology and Hypertension (18/- )

Pulmonary, Critical Care, and Sleep Medicine (18/- )

Rheumatology (12/- )

Apical Hypertrophiv Cardiomyopathy: Common Presentation of a Rare Disorder

Author: Tran, Bill
Mentor: Padaliya, Bimal
Project Type: clinical research

APOL1 variants block APOL1-induced autophagy through attenuated interaction with VAMP8

Author: Madhavan, Sethu
Mentor: Sedor, John
Project Type: basic research

Appropriate use of PPIs for stress ulcer prophylaxis in non critically ill patients

Author: Ibrahim,Zeina; Mattar, Maya
Project Type: clinical research

Are Racial Biases Inherent in Immune Monitoring? Taking a Closer Look at Immune Cell Function

Author: Padiyar, Aparna
Mentor: Hricik, Don
Project Type: clinical research

Are there merits to combination antimicrobial chemotherapy to treat multidrug resistant (MDR) Gram-negative infections?

Author: Haidar, Ghady
Mentor: Bonomo, Robert
Project Type: clinical research
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