STERIS Chair Recognizes Excellence in Medicine

rosebrough_salata_reis_20171213University Hospitals’ Department of Medicine Chair Robert A. Salata, MD, has been named the inaugural STERIS Endowed Chair of Excellence in Medicine. Dr. Salata, who also serves as UH’s Physician-in-Chief and Medical Director, Infection Control and Prevention, was previously appointed as the inaugural Master Clinician in Infectious Diseases in 2015.

An internationally recognized researcher and expert in infectious diseases and global health, Dr. Salata is widely respected for his work in clinical HIV/AIDS research. Since 1985, he has worked tirelessly to improve the quality of patient care at UH and has long been regarded by his peers and students alike as a devoted clinician, research and educator.

STERIS Corporation has funded clinical research programs at UH for years, allowing physicians and researchers to stay at the forefront of their fields. In addition to the STERIS Chair, the company generously supported the Master Clinician in Infectious Diseases.

“UH is an academic medical center, meaning we want to go beyond providing great care and actually improve the standard of care, because that’s how you save more lives. You accomplish this through research and the education of the next generation of young physicians, which is what makes endowed positions like the STERIS Chair so invaluable.” – Robert A. Salata, MD

Pictured above (from left): Walt Rosebrough; Robert Salata, MD; Gerry Reis